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Matthew Donald Creator | Megazoic, More about the Author

More about Matthew

"I enjoy writing about the extraordinary and the creative, while still taking time to laugh at myself."

I've wanted to tell stories since I was six years old. I've always crafted tales, either through words, toys, kid-proof filming tools, or hundreds upon hundreds of doodles. Once I turned thirteen, I turned writing into a serious hobby. My first story in this hardcore-writing period was a fun little tale about talking animals in the future. My second story, though, was my first written version of Megazoic. It would certainly not be the last.

I kept writing constantly from that point onward, helped by my mother's decision to homeschool me before college. After taking classes at a couple of different universities, I graduated at the University of Northern Colorado with an English major and a writing minor. The courses I took helped my writing considerably, and I met many people who helped me grow, both as a writer and a person. Even though I'd like to pride myself in thinking I've achieved my dreams all by myself, I simply can't: I would had never made it as far as I have without the hundreds of people, friends, teachers and professors who have given me their aid and cheered me on. One of these fine folks is my longtime friend Matthew David Seivert, my unofficial editor and fellow co-host in our podcast "The Writ Wit."


Even though my skills as a writer, plotter, and world-builder have improved considerably since my youth (and will hopefully continue to improve in the years forward), I feel what defines me as a writer has remained rather consistent. I enjoy writing about the extraordinary and the creative, while still taking time to laugh at myself. While the universe we live in is full of wonders, some of which beyond human comprehension, I don't like limiting myself to just real life. Anything can be written, so I prefer taking advantage of that through concepts only possible within the imagination. Also, I love a good sense of humor. Almost everything I've ever written is filled to the brim with jokes, no matter how dark or serious the subject matter. The way I see it, humor is a powerful tool that allows audiences to accept ridiculous concepts, like dinosaurs with laser guns, and also provides an effective contrast to the more serious moments. In my opinion, a good writer should never be afraid to tell a joke.

While I currently have written books and script-format comedies, I don't plan on limiting myself to just those mediums. I want to write screenplays for television, movies, and video games. I want to conceive or improve concepts for other projects, even if I'm not the one writing them. Most importantly, I just want to be creative. It's who I am, and I plan to do it until the day I die.

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