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Who are the hosts?

Matt Donald (Hall) (pictured on the left) is the self-proclaimed dork of The Writ Wit twits. After winning a writing contest at age six, he took it upon himself to write epic sagas about dinosaurs with laser guns, and maybe some other stuff too. With an English major and writing minor under his belt, he published his first book, Megazoic, in May 2017, and has plenty more up his ink-stained sleeves. As well as writing, Matt Donald enjoys sci-fi movies, video games, and terrible puns, shooting for every joke opportunity he can whether they work or not (spoilers: they often don’t)


Matt David (Seivert) (pictured on the right) is the wandering soul of The Writ Wit twits. He earned a music degree, and he lives in Japan for now, but he's maintained his interest in writing over many years. Most of his "expertise" is in fanfictions, NaNoWriMo contests, and editing, but he's perfectly willing to talk too much about basically anything whether he truly understands or not. His writing pet peeve: not reviewing your own work to avoid simple typographical errors. He enjoys a host of things beyond writing, most musical, but until he is forced to stop he'll keep coming up with scenarios and what-ifs.

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