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Matthew Donald Creator | Megazoic

Dinosaurs. Laser-wielding dinosaurs. Tech nerd dinosaurs. Bounty hunter dinosaurs. Enter the Late Cretaceous as it has never been seen before. In this futuristic civilization of dinosaurs, the Laurasian Empire has been at war with the Tyranneon Kingdom for fifteen years.


While the conflict has remained relatively bloodless, fatigue has started to set in for the Laurasia Corps, the empire's military force. When a Sinraptor named Kortan prods a bit too carelessly into studying Tyranneon tech, the Tyranneons launch a surprise attack on one of Laurasia's cities, and take two Laurasians captive. One of these Laurasians is Belar, an Edmontosaurus and Kortan's best friend, thus Kortan feels responsible for his capture. Enlisting the help of the Psi Squad, one of the worst-ranked squads in the Laurasia Corps but also the only one available, he ventures deep into Tyranneon territory to save his friend, while the rest of the Corps has their own plans. However, it becomes apparent the Tyranneons have hid their true power for all these years. Their prince, a bloodthirsty Suchomimus, plans to hold back no longer. And their technology, the main source of their power, has a dark secret.


Kortan may have only wanted to enact a rescue mission, but he's about to throw himself in the middle of a war.

Book no.2
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