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An Era's End

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs fought a battle that paved the way for humanity.

The world recovers from Zulgaran’s last attack. Nine years have passed since his horrific culling, and the great dinosaur cities have become mighty fortresses. Life goes on. Hatchlings grow. Relationships build. While losses are not forgotten, society marches forward regardless. They live under the protection of the red lightning; the global force field constructed by Kortan the Sinraptor. Despite their advancement, he knows they cannot sit idle. They banished Zulgaran to the stars beyond, but with his godlike power, it is only a matter of time before he strikes again.

That time has come. Zulgaran returns to Earth, more ferocious than ever. Every civilian is endangered by his assault. Every building topples under his might. The monstrous, undying Stegosaurus attacks now, and he will not leave until he is the last dinosaur alive. A titanic final battle will soon take place, one that will forever shift the future of the planet.

Book no.2
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