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The Hunted Ones

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs lived in harmony. Then one day, they were more divided than ever.


For eighty million years, the evil Zulgaran has plagued the dinosaurs of the world, spreading his claws within every crevasse of civilization. Many centuries ago, he rebirthed species from his own era, and subtly integrated them into society for an unknown purpose. Dubbed the Elderkind, these dinosaurs make up twelve percent of the world populace, and have only just learned of their true origins. Now, Zulgaran's robotic assassins called Enforcers have been targeting Elderkind, prompting the government to relocate these dinosaurs into protective custody, an unethical but ultimately necessary decision.


As a Sinraptor, Kortan is an Elderkind species, so when he learns that Zulgaran plans to unleash an energy wave to kill all Elderkind, he wants to take action. He escapes internment and is declared a fugitive, forcing the Laurasia Corps to hunt him and his allies down. Yet, Zulgaran's threat looms, so Kortan presses on. Despite the legal and personal stakes, this is a fight he cannot afford to lose.

Book no.2
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