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Matthew Donald Creator | Megazoic


The Primeval Power 

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs had a civilization. Millions of years before that, they had another one.


Eight months have passed since the Laurasian Empire's victory against the Tyranneon Kingdom. While the Laurasia Corps helps other nations fight the last remnants of their longtime enemy, Kortan develops all sorts of nifty new tech for his nation’s soldiers, and often accompanies them in battle. Since he destroyed the ancient and highly-advanced Cortex that gave the Tyranneons their power, he’s quite qualified for the job. Unfortunately, it’s discovered the Cortex the Tyranneons used was only one of many, and a vicious Therizinosaurus with witch-like powers is adamant in retrieving the rest. Accompanying her are ghost-like soldiers called the Shades, with powers beyond any known physical science. 


Kortan realizes his skills with technology might be useless against this mysterious new foe. However, as she plans to summon a super-powerful army of dinosaurs from an older civilization to ravage the planet and kill everyone he loves, he better learn how to fight her fast.

Book no.2
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