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Matthew Donald

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In the spring of 1922, seventeen-year-old Raymond Calvert's life changes forever when searching for answers about his missing father. Underneath the Hudson River in New York is a secret base for agents called Teslanauts, named in honor of their leader Nikola Tesla, that help the world in the shadows with advanced electrical technology. Learning his father was a Teslanaut agent himself, Raymond joins the organization to find out what happened, roping the Brooklyn teenager into a hidden world of mechs, hovering machines, lightning-armed biplanes, and super-speed suits.


However, the world still reels from the recent Great War, and none so much as the remnants of the Central Powers. In hopes of regaining their former glory, they form a new faction called the Oberschock Federation, armed with similarly advanced technology as the Teslanauts but far more devastating and destructive. And somehow, Raymond's father might have been involved with Oberschock as well.


While Raymond might be desperate for answers, the world hangs in the balance, and only the Teslanauts can keep the Great War from starting once more.


Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

At its core, Teslanauts is a bombastic blend of science fiction and 20th century history. The central protagonist... embarks on a well-paced journey intersected with colourful and nuanced characters.

I had a great time reading [Teslanauts], it was what I was looking for in a steampunk novel. The writing was really well done and I really enjoyed the action sequences in the book. Can't wait to read the sequels.

Billy White,
Author of 
The Relatives

Teslanauts is a well written, well thought out adventure story that hits the ground running and doesn't stop until the very end. When you read it, don't blink; you might miss something. The story is emotionally charged and has believable characters in a well-researched world. My highest recommendations for Teslanauts!

Jim's Sci-Fi Blog

Netgalley Reader

Teslanauts delivers an epic odyssey that deserves nothing less than a motion picture adaptation. You're in for a shockingly-good time!


Amazon Reader



Matthew Donald Creator | Megazoic

Matthew Donald has been an obnoxious snarker and dinosaur fanatic for all his life. After first winning a writing contest at age six, he made it his lifelong goal to write a bunch of books and release them upon the world.


He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado in 2014 with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing, and is currently working on four sequels to Teslanauts among some other projects. He lives in Centennial, Colorado with his cockatiel, Lyra.


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